2024 Momentum Volleyball Club Tryouts
10s/11s/12s  July 14 12-1:30p July 20 8-9:30a
13s July 14 2-3:30p July 20 8-9:30a
14s July 14 4-5:30p July 20 10-11:30a
15s July 15 6-7:30p July 20 12:30-2p
16s July 15 8-9:30p July 20 2:30-4p
17s/18s July 16 5-6:30p July 20 4:30-6p
Please check your age group for Tryouts HERE and make sure to only sign up for the age group you plan to tryout for for the 24-25 season!


RMR Recommended Tryout Period

For the 24-25 season, clubs are recommended by the RMR to hold tryouts from July 14th, 2024 to July 21st, 2024. While some clubs may choose to hold "tryouts" at different dates, the RM encourages clubs to hold their tryouts during this week to give athletes an opportunity to explore different clubs in a smaller window of time. The tryout period ends for an athlete once they have signed a contract. The tryout period ends for a team or club when they have no further spots to offer to prospective athletes.

During the tryout period:
All stipulations of the open recruiting period continue through the tryout period.
• Clubs can determine if they will or will not charge for tryouts.

Contract Signing Period
There are two different dates as it relates to the contract signing period.
  • Any athlete returning to the same club that they were affiliated with the previous season can be offered and sign a contract starting on July 22nd, 2024 at 10:00 AM MST.  
  • Any athlete, regardless of their affiliation the prior season, can be offered and sign a contract on July 23rd, 2024 at 10:00AM MST.
  • Create your LeagueApps Account.  Update your info if you are a returning player. Once you are in our system you will receive email communication updates regarding tryouts. 🙂

  • Scan and save birth certificate electronically for electronic contract signing

  • Make sure your RMR Membership is current.  If you are current, we can look up your RMR Membership.  If your athlete is new to the club/needs to renew please RENEW RMR MEMBERSHIP HERE. If you have moved from out of state, email the RMR to transfer your player from the previous region.

  •  Register for tryouts and join us for Open Gyms and Tryout Prep leading up to Tryout Week!

Join the Momentum Family!

We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us! We want to work with you, see you play with our existing athletes, and give you an opportunity to understand what Momentum is about. Our athletes train hard, play hard, and they have fun!

The tryout process can be stressful, confusing, and exciting! Here’s are a few tips to make sure you are in a great place for your journey in volleyball and in life.
  1. Momentum VBC is a unique place to train! The typical Momentum athlete is not only focused on improving their volleyball skills but is prepared to attack life with balance in every way! With our top-notch coaching staff, performance training and our Recruiting Advisor…we are here to build the ultimate athlete that will strive to reach their potential as an individual AND volleyball player. 

  2. Get in the gym! The best way to become a part of Momentum is to come to the gym and join us for Open Gyms, clinics or Tryout Prep.  Say Hi to our Club Director, Melissa and our team of Coaches. The more we see you around, the more we are able to get to know you leading up to Tryouts.

  3. Block off Tryout dates! Keep the middle of July open for Tryouts. We cannot stress this enough! The month of July is at the forefront of club season, because that is when tryouts happen each year for the following season to begin in November.

  4. Do your research! Clubs turnover every year and new spots open every season. Momentum will have spots on all teams available for the ’24-25 season.  Our club continues to experience growth and success in each age division. Teams typically practice 3 times a week from the first week of November to the first week of May.

  5. Be prepared for contract signing!  You must have a current RMR membership and athlete’s birth certificate scanned/saved as a jpeg or pdf.  All contracts go out electronically!

    Momentum Club Team Player Perks

    • Access to video from tournaments hosted at momentum for recruiting
    • Performance Training 
    • Consulting with our Recruiting Advisor
    • HUDL and Sports Recruits for every team
    • All included in the cost of season tuition
    Tryouts are non-refundable and cannot be credited towards other camps or clinics.