Important Information



All teams will be required to have team parent/s and team facilitators who will be willing to create a sports climate that will bring the best out of every one-Athlete, Coaches, and Parents. The following are products of Positive Sports Parents:

  1. Be goodwill ambassadors for Momentum Volleyball Club.
  2. Respect of the officials, and the judgment and strategy of the coach.
  3. Praise the effort of the players and team, not just the outcome.
  4. Pay dues and fees on a timely basis. (No player will be allowed to practice or compete in tournaments if behind in payments.)
  5. Attempt to understand and be informed of the playing rules, strategies, and goals of your daughter’s team.
  6. Support the club through volunteerism.
  7. Provide community service throughout the year.



  1. Players and Parents must make volleyball a high priority and commit to achieving a high level of excellence on and off the court.
  2. Practices will be 3 times a week in November and December. Once the regional powers start the teams will only practice on Saturdays that they have a power tournament. They will be fast-paced with emphasis placed on the competitive development of the players’ mental and physical skills and attitudes.
  3. Players will commit to making all practices and tournaments. If a practice is missed the player must make up the time. (Note: If excessive time is missed the player can be suspended from the program.)
  4. Coaches will make training the number one priority of their teams. They will have high expectations for what goals these players and teams should accomplish.
  5. Playing time will be determined solely at the discretion of the coach.
  6. Players will be expected to condition outside of their practice time. Their and the clubs success depends on this extra commitment.
  7. All teams will attend a Team Building Weekend. All players are required to attend.