Grant Program


The Momentum Grant Program was created in order to provide athletes the opportunity of experiencing leadership, teamwork, friendship, character building, goal setting, and self-discipline regardless of socioeconomic background. Sports provide a multitude of benefits for a young person and Momentum strongly believes in providing a vehicle for individuals to strive for their full potential.

What is required to be considered for a grant?

  1. Fill out and timely submit the Grant Application – the application will be available by July 1st. The deadline to apply is August 1st and awards will be granted by August 15th of each year.
  2. Player writes a letter describing the importance of volleyball in her life
  3. Provide additional documents required by the Grant Application 

The Grant application is available electronically, so be prepared to submit required documents electronically as well. DO NOT SUBMIT THE APPLICATION BEFORE YOU HAVE SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH MOMENTUM FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON!

Grant Application:

All information submitted is considered confidential information and will be treated as confidential information.

RMR Shinkara Hardship Fund 

The Shinkara Fund was established to assist junior athletes who might need a little help with the expenses related to Club Volleyball. 

The RMR thanks "legendary local volley-philanthropist" Tom Shinkara for all of his support over the years. So many adults and juniors have come to love the sport, and have enjoyed expanded opportunities to play, thanks to Tom and his good works! 

The Shinkara Hardship Fund is open for applications.

For more info please visit:

The link to apply can be found about 3/4 way down the RMR Shinkara Scholarship link.

Other Colorado charity scholarships will be added when available.