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The Momentum Volleyball Club is dedicated to improving the lives of Colorado’s youth through athletics and education.
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National Appearances

Our teams have over 30+ Appearances at USAV Girls Junior Nationals.

60+ Signed Seniors

Finding homes for athletes interested in being recruited to play volleyball at the collegiate level.

Our Family

Be part of Colorado's premier youth volleyball club and join our family.

Spots Available!

Spots Available!

We still have spots available on some of our teams! If you weren’t able to make our tryouts, please email us for a private evaluation!

Teams with availability:
12-2 Multiple spots! New team added!
13 Alexis Multiple spots! New team added!
15 David 1 Hitter
16 Shawn Looking for Hitter and Middle
17 Eric Setter or Middle
18 James Looking for Hitter and Middle

So why play for a 3’s team at Momentum instead of a 1’s or 2’s team somewhere else? Because Momentum has the best coaches at every level. Momentum offers the best training, including Elite Speed, a Recruiting Advisor and Mental Training with PERC. Momentum will have 4Athletes clinics to give players that extra time they need in the gym!

And lastly, Momentum’s results. Our 2’s and 3’s teams outperform most 1’s and 2’s teams from other clubs.
2017-18 Finishes:
12-2 7th out of 37 Division 1
13-2 13th out of 53 Top of Division 2
14-2 14th out of 88 Top of Division 2
14-3 25th out of 88 Division 2
15-2 8th out of 103 Division 1
15-3 30th out of 103 Division 2
16-2 7th out of 82 Division 1
16-3 37th out of 82 Division 2
17-2 4th out of 66 Division 2
17-3 20th out of 66 Division 2
18-2 5th out of 52 Division 1

Review the entire regions’s results at

Please fill out the Tryout/Offer Packet available on our website under Parents/Resources/Forms & Important Information and bring it with you if you have not already done so! You must have a current RMR Membership to tryout.

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Colorado’s Top Volleyball Hitters

Momentum’s Elsa Lamphere and Payton Brgoch have both been named to ColoradoPrep’s “Top Volleyball Hitters” for this upcoming high school season. Elsa finished last…

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Colorado’s Top Assist Leaders

Momentum’s Kennedy Johnson and Abi Leitner have both been named to ColoradoPrep’s “Top Assist Leaders” for this upcoming high school season. Kennedy finished last…

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Colorado’s Top Defenders

Momentum’s Georgia Klumker and Leanne Lowry have both been named to ColoradoPrep’s “Top Returning Defenders” for this upcoming high school season. Georgia finished last…

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National Champions
Congratulations to 15 Elsa for winning the National Championship Patriot Division!! There’s no...

Teams Qualified For Nationals

12 Kia
12 National
13 Vanessa
13 USA
14 Alexis
14 National
15 Elsa
15 USA
16 Rachel
16 USA
17 Koa
17 American
18 Staci
18 American
18 Boys Sanchez
18 Boys USA

RMR Momentum Rankings

 Team  Division  Ranking
 18 Staci 18’s Mixed 1st
18 Patty / Steph 18’s 4th
17 Shane 17’s Mixed 4th
17 Josh 17’s 3rd
17 James 17’s 18th
16 Rachel 16’s Mixed 5th
16 Nissa 16’s 10th
16 Al 16’s 21st
15 Elsa 15’s Mixed 3rd
15 Al 15’s 10th
15 David 15’s 30th
14 Alexis 14’s Mixed 1st
14 Leanna 14’s 15th
14 Jen 14’s 22nd
13 Vanessa 13’s 3rd
13 Kia 13’s 12th
12 Kia 12’s 1st
12 Taylor 12’s 6th
11 Jodi 12’s 22nd

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