Tournament Travel

Momentum Travel Policy


  • Parents book their own airfare and players airfare
    • You must be checked in to your hotel by 6pm
    • Do not book your return before 6pm

Players stay with parent in hotel block that Momentum obtains

  • Parents book hotel room using booking link Momentum provides
  • If the parent is not going on the travel trip, the parent makes arrangements for the player to stay with another player and travel on with them or on the coaches’ flight.

Travel fee is included in monthly tuition and covers:

  • Coaches expenses
    • Airfare
    • Hotel
    • Per diem
  • Tournament Entry fee
  • Travel (van/uber) if necessary to/from hotel to convention center

Travel fee does not include:

  • Player/parent airfare
  • Player/parent hotel
  • Player/parent meals 
  • Team dinners

RMR Showdown

  • Momentum provides a room block for coaches only
  • Teams can set up their own room blocks at the hotel of their choice
  • Parents are responsible for transportation to/from Showdown