Melissa Miller

Executive and Club Director
Current Team

Melissa has been involved with Momentum since its inception in 2009 – first as a parent; then as a volunteer, followed by Executive Director and Board Member, and Club Director responsibilities added in 2015.  The club has had many notable successes since Melissa has taken the reins, starting with an improved financial position, one team winning the JNC Patriot Division in 2017, and most recently, the club earning 8 National bids and 2 teams finishing in the top 5 at Nationals in 2018.

Melissa came to Momentum with a corporate background. She was a Senior Director in Real Estate, Construction and Facility Management at Boston Market for 16 years. Her leadership skills have helped Momentum emerge into one of the elite volleyball clubs in the state of Colorado and in the Nation, earning a 2018 National Ranking of #69.

Melissa’s goal each year is to enable the club and coaches to improve and teach athletes how to compete at the highest level, but also to help the athletes become better human beings by being better teammates, better friends, and better citizens. Melissa and Momentum’s staff of amazing coaches believe in ethical and moral responsibility and strive to be good examples of that in all aspects of the business of club volleyball.

Melissa has been an active participant in all of the Rocky Mountain Region’s committees since 2015, serving and participating on each committee during the summer. Melissa was on the Seeding Committee for 2017-18 and most recently the Mixed Age Seeding Committee for 2018-19. Melissa has been active in advocating for changes to the seeding of the teams in the region, changes to the recruiting policy and adding requirements to enter the Mixed Age Division.

Melissa is proud of how far Momentum has come in the last few years, but knows there’s so much more to look forward to.