Jessica Safer

Recruiting Advisor
Current Team

So much of the recruiting process is on the athlete and their ambition to play at the next level, but helping them understand the process and then find a school that fits them and their needs as a person and athlete is our biggest goal at Momentum. Instead of forcing a player to Division I or to a school that has connections to the club director,  Momentum firmly believes the process should be a holistic approach that factors in the athlete, education, coaching staff, location and several other factors that will provide a complete and unique journey for the athlete. Elevate Athletics and Recruiting was started by Jessica Safer to help simplify and personalize the recruiting process for athletes. Jessica will join Momentum as our Recruiting Advisor and will bring her resources, countless connections to college coaches and experiences from Elevate to our players. Whether it’s a meeting at the facility, being around the athletes at practices, or a quick phone call, Jessica will be leading our charge!

Momentum parents and players are more than welcome to email Jessica for further insight or questions on their college recruiting journey.

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