James Johnson

Head Coach
Current Team
18 James

James Johnson enters the 2019-2020 season at Momentum for his sixth year, the seventh year of coaching club volleyball. James brings passion to the club, demands teamwork and is committed to always having fun.  James always puts the team and club first. He takes pride in being a role model and displaying his passion for the game of volleyball. Coaching athletes gives him the opportunity to encourage these talented young ladies to play for each other, perform at a high level of energy and display mental toughness. James demands sportsmanship, working hard as a team, and become one cohesive team, on and off the court. Top priorities as a coach are team chemistry, passion for the game and enforcing respect while improving the team’s success week to week.

When not coaching, James is working with first responders to ensure his security team is well trained, to provide safety and security to the firm. He enjoys watching hours of volleyball videos and riding his Harley or taking up a round of golf.


  • 14s-18s
  • 2019 18s – RMR Friendship Tournament – 7th Place
    2019 Kansas City MLK Tournament – American Division – 20th Place
    2019 Omaha President’s Day – Club Division – 18th Place
  • 2019 Golden Gate Reno – American Division – 9th Place
  • 2019 Colorado Crossroads – USA Division- 21st Place
    2019 RMR ZB Tournament – 7th Place
    Final 2019 RMR Ranking – 7th


  • CAP I accredited
  • Art of Coaching Certifed
  • SafeSport