Play Sports Coalition – Join us!

Let’s talk about PLAY Sports Coalition! PLAY stands for Promoting Local and Youth Sports.  PLAY is an alliance of sports organizations and leaders created to support athletes, their families, and youth sports coaches during this unprecedented time.  Momentum Volleyball Club has joined forces with 1000+ other organizations to advocate for youth sports in response to COVID-19.  We so strongly believe in the value and impact of youth sports across Colorado and the rest of the country.  Momentum VBC is excited to work alongside many other national sports organizations to come back to the court stronger than ever.


Our mission is to ensure that the youth and local sports survive and thrive coming out of this pandemic, providing families and especially youth opportunities for physical and mental health, character and leadership development, and repairing a society that needs community, connectivity and joy.

We need your help to advocate!  There are three things our community can do to help the PLAY Sports Coalition cause:

1.  Call your legislators directly to say you support the efforts of the PLAY Sports Coalition.

2.  Fill out the form at our Take Action Center and letters are sent to your representatives directly.

3.  Let’s #Unite2PLAY! Tag your volley related posts with this hashtag to help support!  Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for helping us support PLAY Sports Coalition. Have a great weekend!