For the 2018-19 season, Momentum has joined forces with another great organization to get our athletes to their optimal performance level. PERC is a local sport psychology company focused on helping the athlete dedicate more attention to the mental side of the game. So whether it’s nerves before a match, trying to recover from an injury, or finding ways to maximize output during practice and competition, PERC specializes in amplifying performance, building resilience, increasing confidence, and enhancing mindsets that lay the foundation for sustained success for any athlete. Next season will include several events and access to the PERC staff in order to expose our athletes to this much needed side of the sport.

  • Check back for our next PERC Session dates soon!

In the first workshop, we took each athletes’ individualized assessments and built a workshop that allowed each athlete improve their overall mindset. These topics included confidence, handling failure, increasing resilience, etc. This second workshop will focus more on specific skill building that is necessary within the game of volleyball. These drills will center on an athletes’ ability to manage their body and mind’s reaction to stress and pressure. Topics will include focusing techniques, stress management exercises, physiological control drills, and many more! All topics are backed by the latest in sport science and will be similar techniques and drills used by athletes at the highest level of sport. It is expected that athletes attending this workshop be focused, engaged, and on task as to not take away from the experience of others. Athletes can expect to walk away with a program workbook to continue building their skills beyond the workshop.

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