Players that excel at the next level are those that are able to create and adapt on the fly as well as rely on a variety of abilities in different scenarios of the game. All outdoor opportunities will make players use every skill, become smarter players, well rounded physically and increase their volleyball I.Q. Momentum Outdoor introduces or advances players in the sand and grass games during the Spring, Summer, and Fall so they can continue to learn and grow outside of the gym. With great training times and 11 days of play, players can benefit from the full program or just drop in training! Bring your partner and grab the sunscreen (or we will match you with another solo player). ย See you on Fridays and Sundays in the sand!

Who: All Levels
When:ย June 2020
Time:ย 9-12pm
Location:ย Olympic Park Sand Courts – 15501 E Yale Ave, Aurora, CO 80013