March Momentum Spotlight

The purpose of Momentum Spotlight is to showcase all of the hard work that happens in our gym on a daily basis.  Every month we highlight one Coach, Player and Team that embody everything that Momentum stands for and have gone above and beyond.


Player – Mira Griffin – 13 Vanessa

Mira has been a swiss army knife for 13 Vanessa. Her work ethic, positive attitude and teammateness have allowed the team to put her in a variety of different positions so the team can continue to improve their lineup and find ways to win. She continues to have a fiery passion for the sport and keeps learning and improving off her success on the 12-2s last season.

Coach – Kelsea Mulhern – 15 Kelsea

Kelsea has jumped on board fast and has contributed in a variety of ways to the Momentum staff. Her openness to new ideas and concepts, combined with her knowledge of the sport allows her to keep learning and growing. What most don’t see, however, is her ability to communicate effectively and manage the team outside of the court. She’s guiding the team throughout their journey and it shows as the team continues to compete for a bid and to get to Division 1.

Team – 15 Elsa

This team has simply marched forward! Despite mixed results, 15 Elsa has competed day in and day out and kept learning, all with a positive attitude and competitive spirit. Their win in Division 2 Mixed for Power 5 shows they are continually fighting and good things are to come for this team in the coming months and as the grow as a unit in the future.

Honorable Mention (Nominated/Received Votes)

(C) Tara – Kia – Leanna

(P) Kira Ervin – Teagan Brandsma – Maddie Cooley

(T) 16-David – 12-Tara

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