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All athletes are on their own journey in each sport. At Momentum, we believe there should always be an opportunity for an athlete to begin their volleyball journey, so let’s start today! The following programs run year around and will allow each athlete to learn the fundamentals or improve on the foundation they have already created.

Momentum works from July to June each year and our programs reflect that time frame. Here are the dates and programs you can find throughout our website no matter what time of year.

Our Teams

Tryouts for the Nov-June Club Season:

July 8th-19th: Depending on the year and where July 4th falls, tryouts for the 8 month long club season happen well in advance to its start in November. If you’ve recently moved, always contact our to inquire about available spots for our teams. Click here for our Tryout Page!

Team Make-Up:

Each team will have no more than 12 players on a team (11 Roster & 1 Practice Player). Practices will be 3 times a week (typically M/W/Sa or T/Th/Sa) from the first week of November to the first week of May. In addition to practices, players will get 2 hours of Elite Speed Sports Performance training each week night (M/W or Tu/Tr), before or after their practice time.

Youth Academy

Our youth volleyball has plenty of opportunities that cater to a wide range of athletes looking to enter into or advance in the sport. Through the diverse offerings of the Youth Academy, players can create their own personal season that will give the player and their families a perfect combination of quality instruction and flexibility. Players will be exposed to weekly trainings, strength and conditioning, video/chalk talk, skill development through drills and play, as well as official matches.

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Whether you’re looking to learn the basics to serving or passing, or refine skills prior to college, our coaches have lessons all year around for any athlete. The lessons are based on next level principles of motor learning, youth learning and skill development. All coaches are certified through Four Athletes so training and communication are consistent in order to provide a complete progression for the athlete.

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Four Athletes Clinics

There is a natural gap between lessons and game play that arises due to the natural block training aspect of lessons and the random training aspects in practices and matches. A player’s usage of the skills in game play might not be transferred directly from lessons due to how our brain retains info (retention learning). The Four Athletes Clinics connect the two learning environments and provides opportunities for like-level athletes to advance their skills in the next step of the learning process.

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Throughout the summer, athletes of all ages and skill levels can experience our in-depth and fast paced camp environments. Whether you’re new to the sport or trying to reach the next level, there is a camp for you. If you’re an elite 1s player or still trying to find a position, there’s a camp for you. If you’re trying to get recruited or want to hear from the top college minds, there is a camp for you. Look no further than Momentum facility as we are bringing the top minds and development right to Colorado.  

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