Group Clinics


Each player will be assigned a level to better separate the skills and abilities. If the player achieves significant improvement, we will move them up to a higher level. The levels go from 1 (youngest players) to 3 (most advanced players) and will be focused on level-appropriate skills so that the lesson will not be slowed down or sped up and each individual will get the best training environment possible.

Level 1: For now this is the level that most 11-13s are at.
Level 2: For now this is the level that most 14s-15s are at.
Level 3: For now this is the level that the more advanced players are at or the level in which players who have been doing a lot of lessons are at.

Team 1, 2, 3:

Within Level 1, the player can go to Team 1 Training which is geared towards anyone wanting to get more reps and focus on team concepts in a team environment. Level 2 players can go to Team 2… Level 3 players can go to Team 3. For now these time slots will be dictated by those that sign-up. So if you want, you can have friends sign up as a group and I will base the training off of those who attend. If four players sign up independently, we will cater the training towards the positions and needs of the group. Feel free to come to a Team and Position in the same day!

Pins 1, 2, 3:

This will be for players looking to advance as Outside Hitters or Rightsides. These will consist more of hitting and serving to become an overall smarter and stronger attacker. We will add a heavy dose of passing along with blocking and defense concepts because Pins have to be well rounded to stay on the court.

Setters 1, 2, 3:

This will be for players looking for the much needed theory and repetition in the setting position. The sessions will be setting exclusive and will be focusing on skills, technique and concepts needed at every level of the game.

Middles 2, 3:

This will be for players looking to specialize in this position. Since we specialize at older ages for this position, there are only Middles 2 and Middles 3 time slots for now. These sessions will focus evenly on blocking and hitting. In our experience, the best middles are those who can do it all, so some passing and serving exercises will be included.


This will be for players looking to develop their passing and defense. Roles and positional specificity will be addressed but it will not limit the other positions from getting the much needed focus on ball control. Level 2 and Level 3 Libero sessions will, however, be more exposed to higher level skills and positional focus.

Cost: $40 / per player for each session

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