FourAthletes Group Clinics Start Today!

From now until June, Four Athletes will be providing small group training sessions for those wanting to develop even more throughout the year. The Four Athletes Clinics are geared towards advancing the player through a progression based system in order to connect the techniques learned in lessons to the live play they see in practices and matches. The small group aspect (max. 6 players per session) allows for a breakdown of elite concepts and skills, players to learn from other players of similar skill level, and gives everyone a competition aspect that will fuel retention learning. Through consistent offerings of different positions and levels, players can get into the gym frequently to supplement their play with detailed positional work outside of the practice and tournament environments.
Levels: Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 3 (Advanced) allow for the best possible group dynamic. Players have the ability to move from one level to the next as they grow, learn and execute. If you are a younger player (14under) and haven’t been to a Four Athletes Clinic, Level 1 is a great start. Other than that, please reach out to AJ Nally for a more accurate placement. The categories are: Setters (Setting), Liberos (Passing), Pins (Hitting), Middles (Middle focused). Each category will go in depth into the position (i.e. running an offense as a setter/ pass to attack for a pin), but be an athlete and try to get to Level 3 in several categories!
Scheduling: The clinics will be offered from Monday-Thursday from 3pm-5pm and during holidays. The positions and levels will vary throughout so if you practice club on Tuesdays/Thursdays, there will be sessions offered on Mondays and Wednesdays as well throughout the month. This will give players the ability to fit sessions in before practice or during an off day. Clinics are available during the holiday break as well so you can start booking out as far as January 1, 2019!
Any questions can be directed to See you soon!

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