Fees and Travel Information

*All of our 1’s teams have been invited to the Triple Crown NIT Tournament in Kansas City. Our 2’s will participate in a President’s Day Classic.

Our 11-1’s, and 13 – 16’s 2’s and 3’s teams  will participate in an end of season multi day tournament hosted by Triple Crown Sports in Colorado.


Players/parents book their own airfare (within Momentum travel guidelines) and are required to stay at the Club’s designated hotel in the block secured by the Club. Players stay with parents in their rooms, unless a chaperone is required.


Athletes who will travel to out-of-state tournaments and the Greeley Showdown will be required to pay a travel fee that will cover the Athlete’s participation at the out-of-state tournaments and the Greeley Showdown, including a pro-rata share of (a) the team’s tournament registration charge, (b) the travel, lodging and per diem expenses for (i) the team’s head coach, (ii) the team’s assistant coach, and (iii) ancillary team related travel expenses (e.g., rental van expense). The travel fee is included as part of the monthly payment. An Athlete will not be allowed to travel unless the Athlete’s account is current. 

All tuition and travel fee payments must be made by credit card via the Club’s online payment system. In the event an Athlete or parent requires an alternative method of payment, arrangements must be made in advance with the Club Director. Tuition or travel payments may not be provided to any coach or individual other than as provided herein.

Tuition Includes:

  1. Momentum facility for team practices and cost of equipment
  2. Registration fees for:
    1. RMR Powers, RMR Classic and RMR ZBT bid tournament; 

(b) RMR Showdown (12-2, 13-2, 14-2, and 3’s teams);

(c) Crossroads (upon acceptance)

  1. Momentum Recovery Center powered by Rx during practice days
  2. Recruiting Advisor
  3. Practice shirts
  4. Coaching compensation expense
  5. Access to practice video and RMR Power tournament video hosted at Momentum to help with recruiting


  1. Team uniform, warm up, socks, knee pads, etc.;
  2. Food;
  3. Travel or transportation expenses, including (i) airfare, (ii) transportation costs, (iii) hotel, and (iv) per diem for the chaperones (in the event a chaperone is required for one or more Players);
  4. Travel expenses for the Player or the Parents, including (i) airfare, (ii) transportation costs, (iii) hotel;
  5. Junior National Championship or AAU championship team entry fees (NOTE:  THE TEAM ENTRY FEE IS INCLUDED FOR 15-1, 16-1, and 17-1 TEAMS BECAUSE THESE TEAMS WILL PARTICIPATE IN JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS)*;
  6. Club events or outings; or
  7. Charges for coach compensation, team registration fees, facility usage, etc., if the team participates in Junior National Championships or AAU championships (NOTE: JNC FEES ARE INCLUDED FOR 15-1, 16-1 AND 17-1 TEAMS BECAUSE THESE TEAMS WILL PARTICIPATE IN JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS).

*In the event any other team receives a bid to participate, or a decision is made to participate, in the Junior National Championships a fee of $750 will be added to each Athlete’s tuition ($500 for 18’s), which covers coach compensation, access to recovery room, coach travel expenses, team registration fees, facility fees, etc., regardless of the Athlete’s participation in said Championships (i.e., if the Athlete elects not to play in the Championships, the Parent(s) and the Athlete are still obligated to pay, and will be charged an additional fee in the amount of $1,000.00).


Uniform fee for new players is $350 + tax. 

Uniform Refresh fee for returning players is $50 + tax.

The Athlete is required to wear the prescribed Momentum Volleyball Club uniform to all tournaments. In addition, the Athlete is expected to wear black or white socks, black or white kneepads and neutral (black, white, or royal) volleyball shoes to all tournaments, as this is considered a portion of the Club uniform. The brands of socks, kneepads and/or volleyball shoes may be selected in the discretion of the Athlete.

Uniform fee includes:

  • 3 jerseys
  • 2 spandex
  • 2 socks
  • Hoodie and sweatpants
  • Hitters pullover
  • Backpack

New items this year, required for returning players: new joggers

Uniform sizing day is August 2nd for 15 – 18’s and September 1st and 2nd for 11 – 14’s.