Elite Speed



Elite Speed’s volleyball training programs use strength, plyometrics, mobility, and biomechanical correction parameters to improve vertical jump and explosiveness, for all of our athletes. Our athletes are analyzed and restored to proper biomechanical balance. Once structural balance is established, we use multi-joint exercises that generate the greatest development in power through the correct musculature. Finally, we develop sport specific improvement with respect to game situations, ensuring a high transference rate to each athlete’s sport and position.

It’s not only about power. Our agility and quickness training will correct false-steps, and lead to improved reaction time on the court. The ability to change directions with speed and balance will lead to better defensive play.

Our goal is to provide our athletes with the professional quality coaching normally available to only the highest level of athletes. We ensure sport-specific improvement in all domains, and provide traceable results. In the vertical jump programs, all dedicated athletes that follow the program will see a 2-4 inch increase within 6-8 weeks of training.

Above all, we focus on the development of each athlete’s character, confidence, and mental toughness. Changing an athlete’s physical dynamics is relatively straightforward; when we can change the way they approach their sport, the ramifications are enormous!

We look forward to working with your athletes, and welcome any questions you may have about our program. Feel free to ask an Elite Speed Sports Performance Trainer or staff member, or check us out online at: www.elitespeedsp.com