Colorado All-State Teams

Congrats to all our Momentum players who received All-State Honors! We are so proud of all your success during your High School season and can’t wait to continue that success during club.

Very special shout out to Payton Brgoch who is named the 3A Player of the Year and 1st Team All-State!

Elsa Lamphere, 2nd Team All State (17 Rachel)
Leanne Lowry, 2nd Team All State (18 Nally)
Audrey Black, Honorable Mention (18 Nally)
Jaeda Davis-Golliher, Honorable Mention (17 Rachel)
Abi Leitner, Honorable Mention (18 Nally)
Cassie Pyles, Honorable Mention (18 Nally)

Kess Krustiger, 1st Team All State (18 Nally)
Sophia Hoffman, Honorable Mention (18 James)

Payton Brgoch, Player of the Year, 1st Team All State (18 Nally)
Kennedy Johnson, 1st Team All State (17 Rachel)