Join us as we help build boys volleyball in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Open Gyms for our Boys season will be held in June and July.  Dates will be released soon and 2019 Boys Tryouts will be held mid-August.  At Momentum, we understand that the tryout process can be stressful, uncertain, confusing and exciting all at the same time.  Here’s how to break down that barrier and make sure you are in a great place for your journey in volleyball and in life.

  1.  Momentum is a unique place. The typical Momentum athlete is not only focused on improving their volleyball skills but is prepared to attack life with balance in every facet. With our top notch coaching staff, Elite Speed Sports Performance, PERC Sports Psychologists, and our Recruiting Advisor we are here to build the ultimate athlete that will strive for their potential as an individual AND athlete. Join us and become a COMPLETE athlete!
  2. Get in the gym! The best way to become a part of Momentum is to get on the court via open gyms, lessons, clinics, camps or in with Elite Speed to meet our coaches and players. Introduce yourself to our club director and our coaching staff. The more you are familiar with us, the better the connection will be when the tryout process starts in August.
  3. Block off Tryout Dates and keep August open. Each year we have players and families missing these crucial dates. Our competitive club and region rules put August in the forefront to set up the long club season. Like in life, there are sacrifices you have to make. If the club and your volleyball future is a priority, you should be here during these times. If life gives you a chance meeting with the President or a science camp at MIT… We get that too. Balance and priorities, even for a young adult!
  4. Do your research! Clubs turnover every year with new spots open every season. At Momentum, we look to promote our own players while finding other athletes in the region crushing it on their own. We know with our players in the program and new additions, we can be competitive each year.


Boys Camp

Momentum continues to strive towards providing quality opportunities for volleyball players in the region. The Momentum Boys Camp will give players of all levels an opportunity to learn the techniques and concepts taught at the highest levels of the men’s game. Players will be exposed to skill development, drills and gameplay to allow them to grow their foundation or fine-tune their understanding and skill set. The 2-day camp will be a fun and fast paced environment that will allow players in the region to prep for the boys club tryouts in August where Momentum will look to field multiple teams.

Who: All Ages, All Levels
When: July 22 and July 23, 2019
Time: 1-4pm
Price: $120

Try outs

Momentum has experienced growth in all of its girls teams and continues to enjoy success in each age division. We want to grow our boys programs the same and continue to grow the game. Our athletes train hard, they play hard, and they have fun!

We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. We want to work with you, see you play with our existing athletes, give you an opportunity to understand what Momentum is about, and most importantly give you an opportunity to provide the Momentum coaches as much information about YOU as possible.  As we solidify dates for our Open Gyms, those are a great way to get to know our coaching staff and what we are all about at Momentum!

2019 Boys Tryout Dates: August 5-11, 2019
Signing Day: August 12, 2019
Times: TBD
Price: Registration Coming Soon