At Momentum Volleyball Club, we are dedicated to teamwork. Our mission is team-centered and our philosophy is based upon developing well-rounded student-athletes who will enjoy volleyball for the rest of their lives. We are comprised of coaching directors, coaches, parents, and players. We will support players who want to play at the collegiate level by assisting with website maintenance, filming, and reaching out to college coaches across the country. Momentum will provide the resources to the players who want to play in college.

The Momentum Volleyball Club is dedicated to improving the lives of Colorado’s youth through athletics and education. The Club believes in the positive values young people learn from participating in athletics such as responsibility, sportsmanship, positive self-image and the importance of teamwork.

The goal of Momentum VBC is to ensure each player experiences a quality learning situation. We offer a total volleyball program dedicated to the improvement of the sport and specifically designed to help players, at all levels, improve their skills in volleyball.


The Momentum Volleyball Club is dedicated to creating a nationally recognized volleyball instructional program that maximizes the potential to develop complete athletes. We can only accomplish this by teaching the fundamentals of volleyball at their highest level. We will pride ourselves in creating a unique atmosphere that fosters a true sense of family within a highly competitive environment in the Rocky Mountain Region. The ideals of family and hard work are the bedrock of the Momentum VBC and will be what separates us from the rest.


We have hired high-quality coaches to help prepare your daughter for success this season. More information on our coaching staff can be found on our staff page.

With 8 bids in a single year, Momentum has now succeeded in quality, quantity, and depth. So why play for a 3’s team at Momentum instead of a 1’s or 2’s team somewhere else? Because Momentum has the best coaches at every level. Momentum offers the best all-around training including Elite Speed and Recruiting services.

Review the entire regions’ results at https://www.rmrvolleyball.org/page/show/1114734-rmr-junior-rankings