2019 Signing Day

2019 Signing Day

All Pre-offers are non-binding.  If you have been given a pre-offer, contracts will be sent out beginning at 10am this morning, Friday, July 19.   Click the link for more information on the RMR Recruiting Policy.

The Signing Period is new for the 2019-20 year. Players will not be allowed to sign a contract before the 19th of July at 10am. This allows players to try out at multiple clubs, communicate with the clubs’ staff, and, most importantly, select the club that is the right fit for them.

We will begin to send contracts out to our top picks for each team and pre-offers at 10am this morning, please respond to your contract offer as soon as possible.  Please be sure your LeagueApps account is accurate and includes both parents and email addresses, the player’s name and birthdate.

You will have 15 minutes to register and accept, 15 minutes to pay, and 24 hours to sign your contract.

Happy Signing Day!