Mikalah Hughes

Assistant Coach
Current Team
11 Leslie

Mikalah Hughes enters her first year of coaching at Momentum in the 2018 – 2019 season. In her second year of coaching and ten years of playing, she brings her knowledge and experience from being a collegiate volleyball player, as well as many years of participating in club and high school volleyball, and she also brings her excitement and love for the game. While in her collegiate sophomore season, Mikalah was also an assistant coach for a club team on Long Island, New York for a season.

Mikalah just graduated college in May after playing four years of collegiate Division I and Division II volleyball. In her sophomore season her team made the NCAA Division II volleyball tournament. In her club career, she attended Nationals three times and in her high school career her team made it to the state tournament three times.

Mikalah is a firm believer that success comes from the desire to work hard, having a love and passion for the game, and being part of a positive environment. She believes that when athletes are in a fun, yet hard-working, atmosphere they will succeed, not only in the game of volleyball, but with life in general. Her top coaching priorities are to teach players skills that can be applied both on and off the volleyball court such as teamwork, responsibility, leadership, communication skills and the ability to be coachable. Also important is teaching players how to be a unit and emphasizing that working on their game outside of the team setting will be a key contributor to their success.

When not coaching, Mikalah is pursuing a career in Sports Administration or Special Education. She loves hiking and outdoor activities as well as staying active by working out or playing volleyball. She is a huge sports fan and enjoys watching any Colorado team sport.  Mikalah is a Colorado native and played two of her six club years at Momentum, including her senior year. She is excited to return to Momentum, as a coach this time.