Recruiting Advisor

Phone: 708-745-2044

In coordination with our staff, Dana Raber will serve as a facilitator and advisor for athletes interested in being recruited to play volleyball at the collegiate level. Dana played Division I volleyball at Lehigh University as a setter and a defensive specialist. She then stayed at Lehigh to pursue her master’s degree in Globalization and Educational Change while serving as the graduate assistant for the team. She helped plan and execute practices and assisted in the recruitment of two classes of student athletes. With this experiences she has gained an understanding for the NCAA rules and the overall recruiting process. With her experience, she can assist and guide our athletes as they undergo the process of being recruited as a collegiate athlete. Athletes are NOT guaranteed a scholarship. Guidance and assistance will be provided throughout the process, however it is crucial that the effort stems from the athletes themselves, and motivation is intrinsic.

Dana’s responsibilities include:

  • Meeting individually with athletes to get a baseline understanding of the athlete’s desires in a school / program.
  • Help athletes create a timeline and process to follow throughout their recruiting process.
  • Serve as a resource to help athletes understand and follow the NCAA/NAIA rules.
  • Assist the athlete in setting realistic goals based on knowledge of schools and programs in congruence with the athlete’s level of play, and academics.
  • Guide the communication process between the athlete and coaches. This includes helping draft professional and appropriate emails and letters, as well as communicating with collegiate coaches to determine program needs.
  • Offer mock phone calls to practice calling college coaches
  • Assist athletes in creating/cutting skills and game footage or advise and evaluate current footage
  • Provide reminders and tips throughout the process

Top 5 Tips for Athletes Throughout the Recruiting Process:

– Be RESPONSIBLE for your own future. Ultimately, you are in charge of your future, not your parents, coaches, friends, or teachers.

– Be PROACTIVE throughout the process; don’t let fear stand in the way of potential opportunities.

– Be OPEN-MINDED. There is a school/program out there for everyone; you have to find what fits you.

– Be REALISTIC. Set your goals high but reachable.

– Be HONEST to yourself, and be yourself throughout the process. College is a four-year investment for the rest of your life.