Congrats to all our signed seniors!

Congratulations to all our signed seniors! Momentum is proud to have so many athletes continuing their volleyball career. We are proud of you!

Rebekah Williams 18 Jeremy/Staci OH Belhaven University a92ea017fa48058cc901c6ad22fba81a_0
Marina Schlaepfer 18 Jeremy/Staci OH / RS Caldwell University tydzaswwveuvou6h
Hannah Haveman 18 Jeremy/Staci M California State University, Monterey Bay
Jordin O’Brien 18 Jeremy/Staci DS/L Colby Community College
Brennah Gaston 18 Jeremy/Staci OH/DS Colby Community College
Madison Fleer 18 Jeremy / Staci MB Simpson College
 Reven Bradbury  18 Brian L McPherson College  
 Riley Bradbury  18 Brian  OH McPherson College  
 Kasandra Sterges 18 Jeremy / Staci S Laramie Community College  
Kendall Hanak 18 Jeremy / Staci  L  McDaniel College
 Tate Eppard 18 Jeremy / Staci MB Otterbein College  
Stevie Tobin 18 Brian OH Southeast Community College Nebraska

IMG_2534 IMG_2533