Colorado Crossroads Week 1!

Congrats to all our teams who played in Crossroads!

12 Kia finished 3rd and took home some hardware in the 12’s National Division. Going 6-3 for the tournament, 12 Kia persevered and won some intense matches that were really fun to watch. These ladies always work hard and we are all excited to see where they are in the future!

Special shoutout to 15 Elsa for finishing in the Silver Bracket in Open!

 Team  Division  Finish
 11 Jodi 11 National 8th
12 Kia 12 National 3rd
12 Taylor 12 American 31st
 13 Kia 13 American 25th
 13 Vanessa 13 Open 10th
14 Jen 14 American 57th
14 Leanna 14 USA 65th
14 Alexis 14 Open 19th
15 Al 15 USA 61st
15 David 15 American 73rd
15 Elsa 15 Open 14th